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Dr. Grace Lalana Christopher, President & Founder CEO, ‘Parenting New Generation’ is both, a qualified Pediatrician and a mother of two, with ‘hands on’ experience in parenting, as well as a wealth of specialized knowledge concerning the healthy growth and development of children of all ages.

After publishing several research papers outlining guidelines on improvement in perinatal care, she has authored several books on child care and has recently brought out the book ‘Parenting New Generation’, completely updated to meet the requirements of the modern day children. Other books are aimed at specific age groups right from the time of birth up to adolescence to young adulthood. Dr. Grace Lalana Christopher’s series of ‘Happy Healthy Child’ Books deals with all aspects of child rearing and should be read by all parents, teachers and those involved in the care of children of all ages.

A healthy child is a happy child. Health is not just physical but comprises the well-being of the entire spectrum of one’s personality. The present scenario and fast moving pace of life gives parents the advantage of knowing the scientific basis and right approach in parenting techniques and child rearing methods thus doing the right thing the first time around. Dr. Grace Lalana Christopher in all her books of ‘Happy healthy children’ series deals with each important aspect in the personality development of children of specific age groups and advises how best to cater to these needs, so that your children blossom into healthy self-confident young individuals, an important requisite in child rearing. ‘The Healthy Happy Children’ series are highly recommended for all parents in search of reliable material with regard to comprehensive care of their children of all ages.


Global Experts Meeting in Pediatrics & Nepnatology
Hilton New York JFK Airpots
18-20 April 2019 | New York USA
Keynote Speaker: Grace Lalana Chistopher, New Gen Parenting , India
11.30-12.15 Title: The effect of biological factors on birth weight and gestation in South India newborns
12.15-13.00 Title: Birthweight and gestational age centiles in South India newborns
PED-01Poster presentation @17.30-18.00 Title: Risk score-colour coding classification in ethnic asian and caucasian newborns

Other publications include original scientific research papers:-

1.Malati A. Jadhav &  Lalana G. Christopher. ‘Perinatal Mortality Rates in Vellore, Part I: A Study of 21,585 infants. Indian Journal of Pediatrics; 1986, 53; 347-352

 2.Lalana G. Christopher  &  Malati A.Jadhav ‘Perinatal Mortality Rates in Vellore, Part II: Lethal Malformations. Indian Journal of Pediatrics; 1986, 53; 353-357.

 3. Grace J. Lalana.  Improved Primary Immunization Schedule, CMC, Vellore, Alumni Journal, 1997; Vol XXXI,24-25.

4.Grace J. Lalana (Christopher).New Perinatal strategies for the new Millennium. Perinataology 2003; vol. 5: No. 2 (Mar-Apr) pg. 55-64.

5.Grace J. Lalana (Christopher).‘Low Birth Weight Criteria for Ethnic Asians’ Perinatology: Vol 12 No. 3 Oct-Dec 2011; pg 98-111.

Paper presentations at conferences include “Perinatal mortality rates” at National Conference of the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI), at Nagpur, India, October 1984.  “Neonatal tetanus” and “Childhood gastro-intestinal diseases”   presented at the National Conference of Communicable Diseases, at Vellore Jan 1985.  Poster presentation titled “Ethnicity and Risk-score color coding classification of newborn” at the XVIII Annual Convention of National Neonatology Forum, at Vellore and Ethnic specific Perinatal Flow Charts at Annual Convention of National Neonatology Forum in Bangalore.