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We are in the midst of one of the most challenging periods in the history of mankind for the changes worldwide and particularly within the nations of the world have far-reaching that all our value systems are being profoundly challenged. Significant paradigm shifts in society and in relationships threaten to tear apart the time- tested family system. Therefore the responsibilities of parents have increased significantly, if the next generation has to hold onto values and principles and if the world has to move in the right direction, parents have to play their role effectively.
This Handbook ‘Parenting New Gen’ by Dr. Grace Lalana is, therefore, timely and will indeed be a valuable tool for parents as they seek to respond to the needs of their children as well as the changes in the society Dr. Grace Lalana needs to be congratulated for the in-depth responses to the needs and the effective way in which she has laid out the planning for parenthood. Chapters on the personality development of children are valuable. She has suggested a road map for the comprehensive care of children and has shown the way to achieve total health.
Parenting has also assumed importance in dealing with the children of the new- age generation, as children grow up smarter and faster in a world revolutionized by technological advances than ever before. Ten year olds have become the new 15 with coinage of a new stage in development, the ‘Tweens’ brings us especially to a whole new phase of parenting.
Parents need knowledge and insight to effectively meet the needs of their growing child at that point of time accordingly to enable that child to evolve and move on successfully into the next developmental stage, such that he or she will grow into a stable, mature and responsible adult. Parenting New Gen is to be equipped with the knowledge or awareness of what the child experiences as he/she evolves through sequential stages of development.
To appropriately meet these needs of a growing child at that point of time is probably the essence of Parenting New Gen and in so doing the right thing the first time around makes parenting a pleasurable task indeed. Information on personality development in children is essential to child rearing. The parents, teacher or guardian must be sensitive to the constantly changing and growing physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the child right from age 0 to young adult hood. The various concepts introduced to parenting which when applied at the right age and stage of development in the life of your child, will pay rich dividends. For example one can teach various skills to a child at 8 years, but the same approach when the child is 11 years will prove futile. It is hoped that this book will help ease the stress of parenting, which if parents can vouch by this book, then its purpose will have been achieved despite a decade and more it has taken to bring out this edition.
Parenting is a science today and I’m sure this book on ‘Parenting New Gen’ will empower parents with the knowledge of ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where, and ‘why’ with skills and insights to respond appropriately to their children making the task of parenting a pleasurable experience with the end result- a happy child who grow up to be mature, stable and responsible adults- A healthy next generation who will make their world a better place.
This edition which has been extensively revised and enlarged, could not have come at a better time, when parents with increasing responsibilities and enormous pressures have a challenging role in effectively raising their children, so as responsible adults, they make their world a better place to live in. This is a book every parent should read, use every day and share with parents everywhere. “Parenting New Gen “will also educate future parents and is a boon for teachers, guardians and all child care personnel’s.



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