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The first year in the life of a child is amazing. In a span of twelve months, a tiny newborn baby who is totally dependent on the mother will grow and develop rapidly gaining skills and capabilities to interact socially, exercise autonomy, to walk, talk and gain mastery over the environment.

Ability and talents are inborn and inherent but it is the child’s environment that largely determines how that ability develops and this environment – the home, is in the control of parents. Laying the foundation for a secure attachment begins now to enable children to grow up as confident young individuals.

This book outline the development of the infant time from the time of birth till 12 months of age and how best to adapt your parenting style to the evolving personality of the infant. A healthy baby is a happy baby, nutritious complimentary foods and diet for a one year old is informative.

This is the most exciting period in the life of your child. At no other stage is there such rapid growth and development. This book deals with each emerging milestone, the gurgling laughter by four months, soon your baby is sitting, crawling and taking the first steps around twelve months making parenting an infant a joy.

Several other criterias are delved into, giving parents insight in how to effectively parent their new baby right from the time of birth and throughout the first year of life, for the development of a healthy personality, to evolve successfully into the next developmental stage as a happy toddler.



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