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The family is the centre of the social fabric for a healthy society and the health of the society is linked to the health of the family. The family as a unit is faced with many changes and challenges. It is very vital that we understand the challenges that the family faces and the ways to cope with these challenges.

The various aspects of family education and understanding the changes that all marriages go through give a deeper understanding of family life. In fact premarital counseling is assuming importance in promoting a happy marriage by raising and dealing with many problems that may arise in the future with advise on finances and how to manage money issues including other aspects such as effective communication, sexual integrity and loving one’s in laws.

A harmonious family life is a prerequisite for Parenting New Gen and raising happy healthy children. Parents are the first teachers of their children. Children learn how to act from the family.

The security and permanence that marriage bond offers, proves beneficial, children grow up happier, healthier to evolve to mature stable adults- a healthy next generation.

All marriages evolve through several stages, each stage has to be dealt with and worked through for a long term happy marriage without the resort to divorce citing irrevocable differences. Death of a loved one and coping with grief or the trauma of divorce and being a single parent is also described in this book.



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