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Adolescent years are transition between pediatric and adult years of life. Adolescent health has major multiple issues in modern era, as majority of health issues are preventable but often neglected. Steering the present generation in the right way is the responsibility of parents. In the present fast pace of life, adolescents’ are influenced by the current fashions, fads and trends, almost all following prevailing cultures and the influence of pop culture, social networking with the iPods, iPhones and iPads parents, have a tough time keeping their children on the right path. “I don’t know” is the standard reply of almost all teenagers on many matters.

Parents need to understand teenage years despite being the most trying years and turbulent stage is essential for the normal healthy development and evolvement of a child to a mature adult with a well centered personality. As parents navigate through these trying adolescents’ years, the key issue is in managing adolescent crisis as and when they emerge. Parents also need to understand that this is a temporary phase and that all adolescents will experience difficulties while passing through it.

This book describes what adolescents experience as they pass through successive phases and gives parents insight into various issues and how best to deal with each “crisis” so that their adolescents will evolve successfully to mature adulthood with high self esteem and confidence to live happy, confident and successful lives, finding love, acceptance and fulfillment in society- the ultimate goal of Parenting New Gen.



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