New Generation Parenting

There is a new generation of children who are smarter than ever before living in a fast developing technological world but also a new generation of parents living away from their parents who raised them, with no day to day advice or guidance on raising their little one, lack the skills and knowledge often with both working parents left with little time for parenting.

Parenting is both an art and science with a scientific basis for applying various age appropriate techniques and strategies in doing what is right in meeting the needs of a growing child at the right time in the right way to reap rich dividends in raising a healthy, happy new generation who will grow up to be responsible mature adults with a secure identity and high self esteem to become winners in the game of life.

The holistic approach to parenting is aptly defined in the “New Gen Parenting” series of books that should be read by all parents, guardians, child care personnel and those involved with the well being of children, the future leaders of tomorrow.

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